About Us

Dreamz Holidayz is a well established and well experienced mid-sized travel and tours company specialized in Domestic tourism, operating since 2013 with headquarters in New Delhi.. The Domestic Team of Dreamz Holidayz is Expert to Design Your Trip For Himachal Pradesh, Kashmir, Uttarakhand,Goa, Rajasthan & Kerala . Dreamz Holidayz is the destination Expert Company of Himachal Pradesh .


Dreamz Holidayz is Unit Company of DH Holidayz and Events Pvt Ltd.  DH Holidayz and Events Is the International Holiday Division of Dreamz Holidayz . At our International Holiday Division Our Team is Expert to Organize Fixed & Customizable trips for Dubai, Thailand, Singapore & Malaysia, Mauritius, Hongkong, Nepal,Srilanka Turkey .


At Dreamz Holidayz, we plan exclusive holidays, keeping your aspirations and needs at the centre of the planning process. All our travel packages are designed to take you right in the throes of local culture and history. The itineraries are perfectly balanced, so you can feel the very pulse of each destination. We create experiences so enriching, that you many never want to leave! Travel with Dreamz Holidayz to delve a little deeper and look beyond the obvious. Travel with us to create unforgettable memories of a life time.


Dreamz Holidayz  Products and Services cover Fixed & Customized Large and Small Group Tours,Customized Tours for couples and families , Hotel Reservations, Car & Bus Hire, and Sightseeing & Guide Services.  

We take pride in the fact that major of our clients appreciate the quality of our services and become our life long servicing customers with trustworthy relationships.

Dreamz Holidayz commits to employ and utilize its buying power and good relations with the airlines, hotels and related suppliers to optimize on your Company’s travel expenditure and keep service quality level sat the highest.


Why travel with Dreamz Holidayz ?

Complete confidence When you book with Dreamz Holidayz you can be rest assured that you are in safe hands. We value your trust and our endeavour is to deliver the best possible experience - from start to finish.

Value for money We understand your need sand are constantly working to create the best product and best deals, while balancing quality and cost.

Product Innovations We know that everyone has a unique requirement and we are happy to go the extra mile to fulfill them. We are constantly innovating our products to craft fulfilling holidays for everyone.


Our Mission

Position our selves-as the most preferred travel partner to the corporate as well as the individual traveler and continue to deliver value to our esteemed clients through our company philosophy, integrity and corporate governance based on our “out of the box” approach and business ethics.